lunedì 5 settembre 2016


Hi cutiess!
In the last week i took a lot of shooting, therefore I think I will share with you 2 posts every week, I want to be more active, and let me know if you would like some posts about hair/make up :3
In this post I'm here to show you the products of 2 amazing enterprises! Glamazons and Rosegal.
Rosegal is so cute, they sent me a lot of cute things that I will show you in the next post in collaboration with other enterprises, I can't wait to do it! And as you can see from the pics in this post i wear a suit.

Anyway this "suit" is made up of a crop top and some shorts, I think this is the first post in which I show you a pair of shorts. I usually don't feel so confident with shorts, but these ones look pretty good on my body. I think that this suit is perfect for every kind of body, my body has the typical hourglass form and I'm used to wearing high waist pants because they hide a little bit the form of my hips. I think that everyone should understand some tricks to feel confident with their body. 
The suit is so comfortable, and despite the low cost the material is really good, I love it! It's probably better than some other (More expensive) brand.

And the shoes, as you can see from the previous posts I adore this kind of shoes, and these have a really high quality. When you put your foot in that shoes you feel like in heaven, and the design is amazing as you can see from the pics!  I suggest you should visit their website, it was so hard for me to choose only one pair!

Shoes: Fornax 

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  1. This look is so cute!!