sabato 10 settembre 2016

Lady in black

Hi cutiess!
This outfit is a little bit darker than the others, but i like it so much also for this reason!
All the outfit (apart from the shoes)  is a combination of clothes that come from the same brand: Rosegal.
At the top there is a long shirt that if you want you can use as a dress, it is a little bit short but it would Be beautiful in every way, the good thing is that the shirt isn't so slim, then it is perfect for every kind of body.
The pants are a simply crop leggings.

 I remember that In the store you can find only one size and I have to say something: when I wore it they were a little bit tight on me, I put a lot of effort to wear them, so I recommend these leggings only to skinny girls, because I felt so uncomfortable. The quality of the material is high in both the 2 clothes.
The shoes are normal black Converse with some studs, I love Converse and I think that this kind of shoes is perfect in every outfit, from the elegant to the casual. Anyway I bought it on "amazon buy vip", if you don't know that it is an app where there are some new offers everyday! For example one day there is the offer of vans, allstar, Burberry... There you can find every brand! Then if you want to save money, you only have to use this app and wait for your favorite brand to come there!

Leggings: Cropped Leggings
Shirt: Abstract Blouse

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