giovedì 21 luglio 2016


Today i want to talk about rUaViking. rUaViking was created by Anna (Ania) Lalka from Poland. Her workshop is one-person company. She designs, and carves all the patterns in wax by herself.
All the items are hand-finished so none of them is actually the same. In her shop you can find handmade merchandise with norse influence such as beard rings, earrings, clips, pendant and brooches.

First of all i want to be thankful with Anna for having been so kind with me, and for having replied to all my questions. She's such an amazing person, so helpful and modest.
Since when i saw her products for the first time, i've been in love with them because i have a big passion for this kind of accessories with a norse influence. I'm nicely honored of the fact that she accepted a collaboration with me, and i'm also so satisfied with the products.
As you can see in the pics, i chose a beard ring (but you can use it also a braids ring) that i can show you with the help of my boyfriend . The quality of the merchandise is amazing, silver plated bronze, and when i saw that for the first time on my hand i immediately perceived its quality. But the most fundamental thing is the attention paid to the details on the ring, an unbelievable care despite the smallness of the object. In the package Anna always attaches some elastic in order to keep the beard stable and facilitate the application of the ring.
Amazing products, right price and high quality: a really perfect mix.
I's so happy and proud of having worked with her.

rUaViking shop: rUaViking
Beard Ring:Thor Beard Ring

martedì 19 luglio 2016

Whats wrong with be confident?

This post is so important to me, because it's dedicated to a very special person, and now, at the time she needs most, i decided to give her my help in the only way that i can. In fact it's easy to understand by the title the meaning of the post. It's dedicated to the fact that some years ago i would never felt as my ease with a pair of jeans that outline my hips, with a short shirt that let the belly ''free'', but now something has changed, something is different.

An easy outfit like all my outfits.
A white blouse light and simple: although now it's summer isn't so hot to wear and it's also perfect to wear in winter. A black top and a little bit ripped pair of jeans: i fell uncomfortable with any kinds of jeans, but these are so comfortable, like a suit. White shoes that i've already shown in a previous post (Black beauty)
And one of my favorite accessories, an heart choker:

 A lot of people may think that this kind of choker isn't so beautiful to see on this kind of outfit, but i like especially for this reason: on this outfit this choker do not look vulgar, given the fact that this kind of accessory is a little bit provocative.

And obliviously the make up.
In summer i'm not used to wearing a lot of foundation, because in the place where i live the weather is so hot (in fact you can notice little pimples on my skin ahah) I used my usual make up: long eyeliner line on my eyes, i'm currently using an eyeliner bought in Primark (there isn't on the website, you can find it only in the stores) and it's pretty good. I've applied a simple white eyeshadow and brown one on the crease.

Shirt: Zara
Choker: Ebay

mercoledì 13 luglio 2016


The name of this post is a piece of advice from my boyfriend. ''The tree of the world'' and this name grasps a lot of attention and curiosity, as i want. He thought about this name for the fact that most of the pics were taken in the nature.
Then, i love this outfit because it's a mix of things that i love.
The dress, light and simple, feminine and that outlines the shapes and especially it's so comfortable (that is the most important thing)

The socks, that are one of my biggest passion. And i wear it everywhere. The shoes are probably my favorite of my wardrobe, but it's better use it on cold season.

And then my favorite part of the outfit, the jacket. I was given the jacket by a family friend that collects this kind of clothes, and i've taken the decision to put some patches on it. There are 3 patches of Amon Amarth, Eluveitie, and Korpiklaani, they are some of my favorite groups and i will add a lot of other patches. 

This outfit is so simple, but i love it, and i especially want to show that it's possible be both metal and feminine. 

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Primadonna
Socks: Pull&Bear

sabato 9 luglio 2016

Black Beauty

Then.. this is my first official post, i'm so happy about it. it's gonna very be short, i don't want to became bored.
In this post i want so talk about one of my favorite outfit. An easy outfit that is suitable for summer weather. Little shirt and long skirt. The skirt is so special for me, i found it in a flea market of ethnic products, is so comfortable and fresh. the top is short and i like the fact that lets the belly only a little bit exposed.
Obliviously, you can look at the shoes: they come from one of my favorite brands which is not so expensive and this one of the reason why i like it so much.

Top: Tally Weijl
Shoes: Primadonna
Clock: Casio
Bracelet: Pandora

Now there is the best part of the outfit, the make up. One of my greatest passions is putting my make up on, i love spending my time in this way, and trying to find every time a new style, new make up, and new colors for that. This relaxes me a lot.
This make up draws inspiration from a kind of ''smoky eyes'' in my way to do that. i use the palette Naked Smoky from urban decay. I principally used the colors: slanted, dagger, black market, and dirtysweet/radar in the crease. I colored my eyebrows with black market.

martedì 5 luglio 2016

The Beginning..

Hi Everyone!
I'm Vanessa, an italian metalhead girl and after long time i finally took the decision to open this blog. here i will talk about my passion: Music, dress, make up and more, also something about my life, about me. This is only a ''starting'' post: i will write more as soon as possible, i hope that i can understand how to use blogspot.