martedì 19 luglio 2016

Whats wrong with be confident?

This post is so important to me, because it's dedicated to a very special person, and now, at the time she needs most, i decided to give her my help in the only way that i can. In fact it's easy to understand by the title the meaning of the post. It's dedicated to the fact that some years ago i would never felt as my ease with a pair of jeans that outline my hips, with a short shirt that let the belly ''free'', but now something has changed, something is different.

An easy outfit like all my outfits.
A white blouse light and simple: although now it's summer isn't so hot to wear and it's also perfect to wear in winter. A black top and a little bit ripped pair of jeans: i fell uncomfortable with any kinds of jeans, but these are so comfortable, like a suit. White shoes that i've already shown in a previous post (Black beauty)
And one of my favorite accessories, an heart choker:

 A lot of people may think that this kind of choker isn't so beautiful to see on this kind of outfit, but i like especially for this reason: on this outfit this choker do not look vulgar, given the fact that this kind of accessory is a little bit provocative.

And obliviously the make up.
In summer i'm not used to wearing a lot of foundation, because in the place where i live the weather is so hot (in fact you can notice little pimples on my skin ahah) I used my usual make up: long eyeliner line on my eyes, i'm currently using an eyeliner bought in Primark (there isn't on the website, you can find it only in the stores) and it's pretty good. I've applied a simple white eyeshadow and brown one on the crease.

Shirt: Zara
Choker: Ebay

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