giovedì 21 luglio 2016


Today i want to talk about rUaViking. rUaViking was created by Anna (Ania) Lalka from Poland. Her workshop is one-person company. She designs, and carves all the patterns in wax by herself.
All the items are hand-finished so none of them is actually the same. In her shop you can find handmade merchandise with norse influence such as beard rings, earrings, clips, pendant and brooches.

First of all i want to be thankful with Anna for having been so kind with me, and for having replied to all my questions. She's such an amazing person, so helpful and modest.
Since when i saw her products for the first time, i've been in love with them because i have a big passion for this kind of accessories with a norse influence. I'm nicely honored of the fact that she accepted a collaboration with me, and i'm also so satisfied with the products.
As you can see in the pics, i chose a beard ring (but you can use it also a braids ring) that i can show you with the help of my boyfriend . The quality of the merchandise is amazing, silver plated bronze, and when i saw that for the first time on my hand i immediately perceived its quality. But the most fundamental thing is the attention paid to the details on the ring, an unbelievable care despite the smallness of the object. In the package Anna always attaches some elastic in order to keep the beard stable and facilitate the application of the ring.
Amazing products, right price and high quality: a really perfect mix.
I's so happy and proud of having worked with her.

rUaViking shop: rUaViking
Beard Ring:Thor Beard Ring

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