venerdì 25 novembre 2016

Fallen Star

Hi cutiess! 💜How are u?
This rainy day I'm finally back. I was lonely at home and then I've decided to share with you another one of my outfits!
This outfit for me is very meaningful for one reason: the earring - although calling it earring is wrong, because it is a little plug (only 2mm) -  is so important for me because my beloved Kristina gave it to me; this plug was so important to her, and when we met the first time she  was wearing it. So, wearing it helps me to feel a little bit close to her. But when I've started to dilate my ear my boyfriend said to me "keep attention because when you start to dilate the ears, you can't stop it in a second moment"... THEN, HE WAS RIGHT. I can't  stand to buy another bigger plug! But at the same time I feel so comfortable with Kristina's one.
The outfit is so simple, as always -probably, I need to buy some new trousers - ahahha!
Black shirt and grey skirt - them both are made up in simply cotton, all the outfit is really cheap. The collant are amazing! As you can notice in the previous post I literally love this kind of item, especially if collants are weird or a little bit provocative.

lunedì 14 novembre 2016

Old School Hollywood

The name of the post isn't casual (as all of the name of my post ahhaha) I chosed it because for me this outfit represents my "old school", because all the outfit comes from my aunt, they were all her clothes, she gave them all to me (the great taste of dressing is in our blood😂)

Anyway after this little intro... 
Hi cutiess! How are you? I'm back with one of my usual dress-outfit, maybe one day you will see me again with trousers! Hahaha i don't know why, but I feel more confident with dresses, maybe because I can't find some trousers/jeans that look good on me. Infact when I go out with my boyfriend and my friends I usually wear a skirt or some dresses. 
The dress comes from Denny rose, a brand that I really adore (probably my mother and my aunt gave me the passion for this brand) the dress isn't so particular, it's a simpl black dress with only some details on the bottom, but probably these details are what make the dress so special. I don't know if I've already told you that I have a huge passion for the socks, all kinds of socks, normal socks or also collant like in this case! And those ones that seem like they are made up of 2 collant! I totally love it😍 I hope that this winter will not be too cold, I want to wear it all the season! 

I know that there is only one pic about my make up, but all the pics that i took about my make up make me looks a little bit fat! ahahah Then i choose the only one normal. Anyway at the bottom of the page i'll let you a the link of one of my Instagram pic where i show to all of you the make up!

lunedì 7 novembre 2016

Luppulus in fabula

Hi cutiess!
I'm back as soon as I could. This week I'm so busy because next Tuesday and Friday I will have to do 2 exams, I think I'm not so ready but sometimes I need a little bit of relaxation, so I decided to write this post.. and I have a big announcement for all of you, yesterday I bought train tickets to go to see my beloved Kristina! I will go to Lugano in February (we will spend the St Valentine's Day together ahhaha) I know that this is so early but the tickets are available from November to February, but I'm very very organized, so I need to keep everything under my control 😂😂😂
Anyway after telling you about my news let's talk about the outfit. As I said in the previous post I like to be metal but also elegant.. and this is the "elegant situation" hahaha but probably this outfit is very elegant, the dress is amazing! Literally, I love it, but my opinion is that it can be used for a normal day (obliviously it depends on your style) but for me it will be so weird to get dressed like this to go to the university. The dress is made of two parts:
- A long shirt to cover the body.
- The transparent black dress.
Then you have to use them all together, because the transparent part alone looks a little bit vulgar! And anyway,they are sold together!
I think that soon I will buy new shoes (always with this style, I'm so boring I know hahaha) and I probably need some new accessories! If you have some advices about it, just tell me!

Collant: Collant pois

martedì 1 novembre 2016


Hi Cutiess!
I think that this is the first "autumnal" post, even if in some pics I'm with a shirt, but finally I'm in the right time with my post! Hahah
This post is a little bit more metal than the others, but as I said in the previous post, in winter I put a lot of clothes on, especially black/metal clothes. But in this way I've a specifical way to think: because I think that there are moments to wear metal things and other moments to wear elegant ones, and infact I'm that kind of girl: Elegant when needed, Metal when needed.
Anyway let's talk about the outfit! The shirt is of one of my favourite bands "lamb of god" maybe at the end of the page I will leave you the link to one of my favourite songs, then everyone will understand why I love them. I bought it when I was in London (I left my heart there) in a little shop in Camden town, that was totally full of metal band t shirts, It was like heaven for me.
The jeans are simply a normal jeans that comes from Zara, I don't want to stay so much on the jeans.. because the best part is the jacket: leather jacket  that comes from a brand that I had worked with, the material is perfect but the bad thing is that you can use this jacket only during the good weather when it’s not so cold , but it’s perfect! And especially so metal.

The other cute part that I adore is the bag: I literally fell in love with it. It is a little bit tiny, but if you want you can put a lot of things you just can't put things like books because they are too big. But if you have to spend a normal day in the city it’s perfect! And the best part of the bag is a little pocket that nobody can see because it’s a little bit hidden and you can use it to put the phone on it.

Jacket:Leather jacket
Bag:Cat Bag