venerdì 25 novembre 2016

Fallen Star

Hi cutiess! 💜How are u?
This rainy day I'm finally back. I was lonely at home and then I've decided to share with you another one of my outfits!
This outfit for me is very meaningful for one reason: the earring - although calling it earring is wrong, because it is a little plug (only 2mm) -  is so important for me because my beloved Kristina gave it to me; this plug was so important to her, and when we met the first time she  was wearing it. So, wearing it helps me to feel a little bit close to her. But when I've started to dilate my ear my boyfriend said to me "keep attention because when you start to dilate the ears, you can't stop it in a second moment"... THEN, HE WAS RIGHT. I can't  stand to buy another bigger plug! But at the same time I feel so comfortable with Kristina's one.
The outfit is so simple, as always -probably, I need to buy some new trousers - ahahha!
Black shirt and grey skirt - them both are made up in simply cotton, all the outfit is really cheap. The collant are amazing! As you can notice in the previous post I literally love this kind of item, especially if collants are weird or a little bit provocative.

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