venerdì 2 dicembre 2016

Royal Beard Club

Hi cuties! Today I'm here to do my favorite kind of blog post: featuring my boyfriend. I love putting him in all the pieces of my life, especially this part. I think that this makes he feel so important to me, as he is.
But today I'm gonna talk about something that will be much more interesting for the boys ( I think😌).
It's all about the collaboration with a brand called Royal Beard Club, and it sells something that isn't so easy to find... oil and beard products! A dream that comes true for all the Vikings as my boyfriend is, or only for the people loving to take care of their beard!
They've sent us:
1- Royal beard butter - outdoorsman scent
2- Royal Cyrus - 1 ounce scented beard oil
3- Royal Pine - 1 ounce scented beard oil
4- Royal wide tooth mini beard comb
5- Ounce Bayrum Beard oil

When I've opened the package I was astonished because I'd never thought that they would send to us a lot of stuff like this! In the very second moment the surprise was that I was wrapped by a big perfume of mint...the products have a such great great smell!
The oil should be use after an hot shower, and you can take the dispenser and select few drops of the oil. This oil is based so it is absorbed by your skin and the hair follicle. You can use it daily, after a hot shower and multiple times during the day... You need only 3 to 4 drops in your palm, it's plenty for a decent sized beard. Three drops and work onto your beard and Mustache. 95% will be absorbed but it won't leave your face oily or greasy, it's a fairly light formula due to the Moraccan Argon oil.
After only one week that Max used it he noticed already the difference between before and after using the oil: the beard now is so much softer and  more bright . All of you know that the beard it's a little bit rough when you touch it, but now it seems that you are touching the hair of a supermodel!

Royal beard butter - outdoorsman scent:royal-beard-butter-outdoorsman
Royal Cyrus - 1 ounce scented beard oil:royal-citrus-half-ounce-beard-oil
Royal Pine - 1 ounce scented beard oil: royal-pine-half-ounce-beard-oil
Royal wide tooth mini beard comb: royal-wide-tooth-mini-beard-comb

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