domenica 18 dicembre 2016

Christmas is coming

Hi cutiess!
This post is a little bit different from the others, but I think in the near future I will do much more things like this. I toke some new decisions and there will be many new ideas and surprises for you in the next year ( I hope I can do all of these things ahahha)
As I've already posted on my Instagram, this is a post with a lot of cute idea for Christmas gifts. First of all I want to say that this is my own opinion, and for sure people with different tastes would have different Christmas gift ideas.
I really don't know how to structure this post, so I will make a list, some of these products, are products that I've already tried, and others that I would love to try.

- As you can notice from my Instagram profile, I'm literally obsessed with the pictures, so.. what is the most perfect gift? Printed pictures! Cheerz is a website that make it possible. It's the perfect gift for your family and your friends, you can choose between Cheerz box, calendars, and oblivious a lot of amazing pictures, to immortalize those moments! You can also download the app.


-The second products that I want to show you is the Mrwonderful one agenda, here in Italy the  is a famous brand in this sector, because their planner are so cute and you can personalize it, literally the perfect gift for the girls that have many plans to do. And you should absolutely take a minutes to look at their shop.

Agenda: MrWonderful Agenda

Talking about people who had a lot of things to do.. the perfect gift for them is the Anker powerbank, with a power of 20000, for example I have an iPhone.. and i used this item to recharge my iPhone for almost 10 times till it dies.. and it's perfect because when you aren't at home you haven't to think about the battery of your phone.Probably this is the only products of the list that is good also for the boys😂

Anker powerbank (amazon):AnkerPowerbank

-Another product that I love,  is the new special edition of urban decay palette (that i have not tried yet, and that my bff wants to have to badly hahaha) but the palette looks perfect, with a lot of colorful colors, good pigments, everything is perfect. I already have a palette from them, and their quality is literally superior than the other brands.

Urban decay Palette: Full Spectrum Palette

I would love to make a list of all the things that I would love to have for Christmas, but I think it will be very long, and especially, impossible to have all at once 😂 infact now, as a last advice, I give you the name of my favorite store ever to find new Christmas gift ideas: Flying Tiger. I think that their stores are all over the world, then for all of you, it won't be a problem to find it! They sell.. it's hard to explain.. tiger sends you all the things that you had always dreamed of😂 little stupid things, for example you can find toys for your pets, soap, ornaments.. and also food😂 (that taste so good) all the crazy stuff of life😂

Hope that you liked this post! Have a nice Christmas 🎄

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