lunedì 12 dicembre 2016

Deter the Tyrant


Hi cutiesss!
Finally I'm back after a pause! In this period I'm so busy with many things to do, especially to study again and again! In my university now it's time of exams. I wasn't really sure about this outfit because I don't like a lot how it looks on me, but a lot of positive comments on my Instagram allowed me to change my opinion about it!
Idk how to call this outfit, because is full of "old things" for example the jacket belonged to my mother's wardrobe and the skirt was my aunt's one... probably, the skirt is the best part of the outfit! I've lost a lot of time to turn on my own feet to make it move😂 I looked like a child!
Probably this outfit isn't perfect for this weather, because at the moment the weather is chilly! And I was wearing only socks without tights...
The shirt is a simply Tezenis underwear, I like it so much because it is simply and I can pair them with almost everything! What abput the shoes? My new baes! This is the first time that I write about them in a post: they are amazing, I literally love their brand, Primadonna! Everytime  I go to their shop I'd love to buy everything😫 the only bad things about these shoes is that I don't have a lot of clothes that match at best with them...

Shoes:Primadonna (CODE 20058)

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  1. Oh, you look so stunningly beautiful in this!!