martedì 27 settembre 2016

Red Passion

Hi cutiess!
Sorry for my absence but in this period I started the university, it's a new experience for me, then I have to understand how to study, have a normal life and also do a post on my blog! I missed writing here, this is my little space where I can finally be myself without somebody that tells me how to do what I like. Anyway I still have some shootings of this summer and you will see them soon, despite it's nearly autumn now.
This dress comes from Rosegal, a brand that I had already collaborated with. This dress is perfect for every moment, for example I used it for a marriage, but if you want you can use it also for a normal day.. because the dress seems elegant but not it all. The design is so simple, but the fact that is red lets that could it begin stunning. And probably the best part is that the lateral cut lets see the legs. Probably one of my favorite dresses ever.

Dress: Long red dress

giovedì 22 settembre 2016

Personal Planner & Cheerz

Hi cutiess!
This post is featuring 2 amazing brands, Cheerz and Personal Planner! I want to talk about them together because I think that both products are amazing and they can Be perfectly used "together"

Cheerz is where you can print your pics at home, simply by using their app! You can choose a lot of formats for example Polaroid, as I chose, big prints, or bookmarks. And It is perfect if you have to do a gift because you can also choose to customize magnets, boxes, photobooks, and you can also give a gift card to your friend!
At the beginning I was so skeptical  because I thought that the quality would be very low because this is a little photo format, but in reality the quality is so high, it depends on your pics, but The quality of the print is the same as the quality of the pics that you choose to print. I literally adore it and I think I will always print my pics there!
In addition they gave me a discount code with which you can save 5€ by spending at least 10€, the code is: VANENC2

The second collaboration is with personal planner, personal planner gave me the possibility to choose how to personalize my planner. I literally love it because in this planner I put my soul, it isn't only a book where I write my appointments, but it is something where everyone can choose how to want in their planner.
At the beginning you can choose some pics to put in the cover, or you can decide to upload one of your personal pics at let it become the cover of your planner, and the same for the back of the planner. You can customize everything, from the color of your planner to the weekly activities to do and at the end you can choose what to put in the ending pages, such as maps, drawings to color or things like these.

Cheerz: Code: VANENC2
Personal Planner:

venerdì 16 settembre 2016


Hi cutiess!
Today my outfit is more "familiar" to me, because in this outfit there are a lot of colors as I usually like it. Yellow particularly is my favorite one, infact the main object of the outfit is the skirt.
I literally love it, so simple and yet thanks to the "waterfall" of colors it becomes something stunning! But in reality... It isn't a skirt! It was a dress, but when I order it on the website I choose the wrong size (then if everyone is interested of it I advice to choose one plus size) but I think I found a good solution to use it anyways, or nearly the best one! Ahhaha
The shirt is a simply crop top which came from bershka and is perfect for this season.

As you can see from the pics the shoes looks a little used. It IS because they have 5 years, but I still love them, all star are life for me.

In this pics I have a different hair style, my natural hair are curly (but not so curly, only a little bit move), but I usually wear straight hair because are easier to keep. Anyway I styled them like this in a simple way, the day before the shooting I slept with 2 braids, and this is the amazing results!

Shirt:Crop Top
Skirt/dress:Lemon Dress
Shoes:All Star

martedì 13 settembre 2016


Hi cutiess!
Today i'm here To talk about one of the best collaborations ever!
As you can see from the pics this collaboration is a little bit different from the others I have done before. Working with them is very important for me, helping a store like that to grow is such an amazing experience.
So.. What is it BearInMind? What are that little things in the pics? Are they planners? books? Diaries? The answer is simply no!
They are so much more, something incredible that made me fall in love with the brand: they are LOGBOOK!
BearInMind created and produced five logbooks. Their  first five logbooks are backpacking, hiking, diving, road trip and restaurant. These books are perfectly tailored for the specific user.
I choose two of their books: backpack and restaurants.


As you can see from the pics you can find:
• 32 days per book
• Name and cover page
• How to use this book
• Travel tips
• Pack list
• World map
• Summary travel stats
• Next trip planning pages
• Index pages
• Blank page for drawings, maps, receipts

This books are perfect for people who aren't so organized like myself: I always need to write down what clothes, accessories, make up, bring with me. I'm always looking forward to doing so much when I travel, that I can't help make a list of what to do once I am there: this book is literally the best invention ever.


• 32 entries per book
• Name and cover page
• How to use this book
• My restaurants
• My eateries & take-outs
• Restaurants I want to go to
• Eateries & take-outs I need to try
• Blank note pages
• Bank drawing pages

Do you find yourself always trying to remember that one place with the greatest bruschetta? That local delight you ate at in Florence with the infamous Florentine steak? Now you can record all those food adventures in one place, from your hometown favs to unforgettable travel bites. And this IS perfect for the people who use TripAdvisor, you can write all your notes there and then head to your computer to review the food!

In addition all the books of bear in mind have a Waterproof debossed cover, Waterproof stone paper, Quick-fill format, Easy-to-use design, Durable material, Eco-friendly.

Here there is my discount code of 10%: vianna357

BeardInMind Website:
Backpacking Logbooks:

sabato 10 settembre 2016

Lady in black

Hi cutiess!
This outfit is a little bit darker than the others, but i like it so much also for this reason!
All the outfit (apart from the shoes)  is a combination of clothes that come from the same brand: Rosegal.
At the top there is a long shirt that if you want you can use as a dress, it is a little bit short but it would Be beautiful in every way, the good thing is that the shirt isn't so slim, then it is perfect for every kind of body.
The pants are a simply crop leggings.

 I remember that In the store you can find only one size and I have to say something: when I wore it they were a little bit tight on me, I put a lot of effort to wear them, so I recommend these leggings only to skinny girls, because I felt so uncomfortable. The quality of the material is high in both the 2 clothes.
The shoes are normal black Converse with some studs, I love Converse and I think that this kind of shoes is perfect in every outfit, from the elegant to the casual. Anyway I bought it on "amazon buy vip", if you don't know that it is an app where there are some new offers everyday! For example one day there is the offer of vans, allstar, Burberry... There you can find every brand! Then if you want to save money, you only have to use this app and wait for your favorite brand to come there!

Leggings: Cropped Leggings
Shirt: Abstract Blouse

lunedì 5 settembre 2016


Hi cutiess!
In the last week i took a lot of shooting, therefore I think I will share with you 2 posts every week, I want to be more active, and let me know if you would like some posts about hair/make up :3
In this post I'm here to show you the products of 2 amazing enterprises! Glamazons and Rosegal.
Rosegal is so cute, they sent me a lot of cute things that I will show you in the next post in collaboration with other enterprises, I can't wait to do it! And as you can see from the pics in this post i wear a suit.

Anyway this "suit" is made up of a crop top and some shorts, I think this is the first post in which I show you a pair of shorts. I usually don't feel so confident with shorts, but these ones look pretty good on my body. I think that this suit is perfect for every kind of body, my body has the typical hourglass form and I'm used to wearing high waist pants because they hide a little bit the form of my hips. I think that everyone should understand some tricks to feel confident with their body. 
The suit is so comfortable, and despite the low cost the material is really good, I love it! It's probably better than some other (More expensive) brand.

And the shoes, as you can see from the previous posts I adore this kind of shoes, and these have a really high quality. When you put your foot in that shoes you feel like in heaven, and the design is amazing as you can see from the pics!  I suggest you should visit their website, it was so hard for me to choose only one pair!

Shoes: Fornax