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Hi cutiess!
Today i'm here To talk about one of the best collaborations ever!
As you can see from the pics this collaboration is a little bit different from the others I have done before. Working with them is very important for me, helping a store like that to grow is such an amazing experience.
So.. What is it BearInMind? What are that little things in the pics? Are they planners? books? Diaries? The answer is simply no!
They are so much more, something incredible that made me fall in love with the brand: they are LOGBOOK!
BearInMind created and produced five logbooks. Their  first five logbooks are backpacking, hiking, diving, road trip and restaurant. These books are perfectly tailored for the specific user.
I choose two of their books: backpack and restaurants.


As you can see from the pics you can find:
• 32 days per book
• Name and cover page
• How to use this book
• Travel tips
• Pack list
• World map
• Summary travel stats
• Next trip planning pages
• Index pages
• Blank page for drawings, maps, receipts

This books are perfect for people who aren't so organized like myself: I always need to write down what clothes, accessories, make up, bring with me. I'm always looking forward to doing so much when I travel, that I can't help make a list of what to do once I am there: this book is literally the best invention ever.


• 32 entries per book
• Name and cover page
• How to use this book
• My restaurants
• My eateries & take-outs
• Restaurants I want to go to
• Eateries & take-outs I need to try
• Blank note pages
• Bank drawing pages

Do you find yourself always trying to remember that one place with the greatest bruschetta? That local delight you ate at in Florence with the infamous Florentine steak? Now you can record all those food adventures in one place, from your hometown favs to unforgettable travel bites. And this IS perfect for the people who use TripAdvisor, you can write all your notes there and then head to your computer to review the food!

In addition all the books of bear in mind have a Waterproof debossed cover, Waterproof stone paper, Quick-fill format, Easy-to-use design, Durable material, Eco-friendly.

Here there is my discount code of 10%: vianna357

BeardInMind Website:
Backpacking Logbooks:

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