giovedì 22 settembre 2016

Personal Planner & Cheerz

Hi cutiess!
This post is featuring 2 amazing brands, Cheerz and Personal Planner! I want to talk about them together because I think that both products are amazing and they can Be perfectly used "together"

Cheerz is where you can print your pics at home, simply by using their app! You can choose a lot of formats for example Polaroid, as I chose, big prints, or bookmarks. And It is perfect if you have to do a gift because you can also choose to customize magnets, boxes, photobooks, and you can also give a gift card to your friend!
At the beginning I was so skeptical  because I thought that the quality would be very low because this is a little photo format, but in reality the quality is so high, it depends on your pics, but The quality of the print is the same as the quality of the pics that you choose to print. I literally adore it and I think I will always print my pics there!
In addition they gave me a discount code with which you can save 5€ by spending at least 10€, the code is: VANENC2

The second collaboration is with personal planner, personal planner gave me the possibility to choose how to personalize my planner. I literally love it because in this planner I put my soul, it isn't only a book where I write my appointments, but it is something where everyone can choose how to want in their planner.
At the beginning you can choose some pics to put in the cover, or you can decide to upload one of your personal pics at let it become the cover of your planner, and the same for the back of the planner. You can customize everything, from the color of your planner to the weekly activities to do and at the end you can choose what to put in the ending pages, such as maps, drawings to color or things like these.

Cheerz: Code: VANENC2
Personal Planner:

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