martedì 27 settembre 2016

Red Passion

Hi cutiess!
Sorry for my absence but in this period I started the university, it's a new experience for me, then I have to understand how to study, have a normal life and also do a post on my blog! I missed writing here, this is my little space where I can finally be myself without somebody that tells me how to do what I like. Anyway I still have some shootings of this summer and you will see them soon, despite it's nearly autumn now.
This dress comes from Rosegal, a brand that I had already collaborated with. This dress is perfect for every moment, for example I used it for a marriage, but if you want you can use it also for a normal day.. because the dress seems elegant but not it all. The design is so simple, but the fact that is red lets that could it begin stunning. And probably the best part is that the lateral cut lets see the legs. Probably one of my favorite dresses ever.

Dress: Long red dress

3 commenti:

  1. You look STUNNING!!


    1. Thank you! Is such a pleasure for me that someone like you look my blog! 😍

    2. It is my pleasure!! I absolutely LOVE your style, and I cannot wait to see more!! If you have any other social media sites, I would be happy to follow you!! 😍