venerdì 16 settembre 2016


Hi cutiess!
Today my outfit is more "familiar" to me, because in this outfit there are a lot of colors as I usually like it. Yellow particularly is my favorite one, infact the main object of the outfit is the skirt.
I literally love it, so simple and yet thanks to the "waterfall" of colors it becomes something stunning! But in reality... It isn't a skirt! It was a dress, but when I order it on the website I choose the wrong size (then if everyone is interested of it I advice to choose one plus size) but I think I found a good solution to use it anyways, or nearly the best one! Ahhaha
The shirt is a simply crop top which came from bershka and is perfect for this season.

As you can see from the pics the shoes looks a little used. It IS because they have 5 years, but I still love them, all star are life for me.

In this pics I have a different hair style, my natural hair are curly (but not so curly, only a little bit move), but I usually wear straight hair because are easier to keep. Anyway I styled them like this in a simple way, the day before the shooting I slept with 2 braids, and this is the amazing results!

Shirt:Crop Top
Skirt/dress:Lemon Dress
Shoes:All Star

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