lunedì 7 novembre 2016

Luppulus in fabula

Hi cutiess!
I'm back as soon as I could. This week I'm so busy because next Tuesday and Friday I will have to do 2 exams, I think I'm not so ready but sometimes I need a little bit of relaxation, so I decided to write this post.. and I have a big announcement for all of you, yesterday I bought train tickets to go to see my beloved Kristina! I will go to Lugano in February (we will spend the St Valentine's Day together ahhaha) I know that this is so early but the tickets are available from November to February, but I'm very very organized, so I need to keep everything under my control 😂😂😂
Anyway after telling you about my news let's talk about the outfit. As I said in the previous post I like to be metal but also elegant.. and this is the "elegant situation" hahaha but probably this outfit is very elegant, the dress is amazing! Literally, I love it, but my opinion is that it can be used for a normal day (obliviously it depends on your style) but for me it will be so weird to get dressed like this to go to the university. The dress is made of two parts:
- A long shirt to cover the body.
- The transparent black dress.
Then you have to use them all together, because the transparent part alone looks a little bit vulgar! And anyway,they are sold together!
I think that soon I will buy new shoes (always with this style, I'm so boring I know hahaha) and I probably need some new accessories! If you have some advices about it, just tell me!

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  1. As beautiful as ever. LOVE the dress and the polka dot tights. PERFECT.