lunedì 14 novembre 2016

Old School Hollywood

The name of the post isn't casual (as all of the name of my post ahhaha) I chosed it because for me this outfit represents my "old school", because all the outfit comes from my aunt, they were all her clothes, she gave them all to me (the great taste of dressing is in our blood😂)

Anyway after this little intro... 
Hi cutiess! How are you? I'm back with one of my usual dress-outfit, maybe one day you will see me again with trousers! Hahaha i don't know why, but I feel more confident with dresses, maybe because I can't find some trousers/jeans that look good on me. Infact when I go out with my boyfriend and my friends I usually wear a skirt or some dresses. 
The dress comes from Denny rose, a brand that I really adore (probably my mother and my aunt gave me the passion for this brand) the dress isn't so particular, it's a simpl black dress with only some details on the bottom, but probably these details are what make the dress so special. I don't know if I've already told you that I have a huge passion for the socks, all kinds of socks, normal socks or also collant like in this case! And those ones that seem like they are made up of 2 collant! I totally love it😍 I hope that this winter will not be too cold, I want to wear it all the season! 

I know that there is only one pic about my make up, but all the pics that i took about my make up make me looks a little bit fat! ahahah Then i choose the only one normal. Anyway at the bottom of the page i'll let you a the link of one of my Instagram pic where i show to all of you the make up!

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  1. This is so super cute!