martedì 1 novembre 2016


Hi Cutiess!
I think that this is the first "autumnal" post, even if in some pics I'm with a shirt, but finally I'm in the right time with my post! Hahah
This post is a little bit more metal than the others, but as I said in the previous post, in winter I put a lot of clothes on, especially black/metal clothes. But in this way I've a specifical way to think: because I think that there are moments to wear metal things and other moments to wear elegant ones, and infact I'm that kind of girl: Elegant when needed, Metal when needed.
Anyway let's talk about the outfit! The shirt is of one of my favourite bands "lamb of god" maybe at the end of the page I will leave you the link to one of my favourite songs, then everyone will understand why I love them. I bought it when I was in London (I left my heart there) in a little shop in Camden town, that was totally full of metal band t shirts, It was like heaven for me.
The jeans are simply a normal jeans that comes from Zara, I don't want to stay so much on the jeans.. because the best part is the jacket: leather jacket  that comes from a brand that I had worked with, the material is perfect but the bad thing is that you can use this jacket only during the good weather when it’s not so cold , but it’s perfect! And especially so metal.

The other cute part that I adore is the bag: I literally fell in love with it. It is a little bit tiny, but if you want you can put a lot of things you just can't put things like books because they are too big. But if you have to spend a normal day in the city it’s perfect! And the best part of the bag is a little pocket that nobody can see because it’s a little bit hidden and you can use it to put the phone on it.

Jacket:Leather jacket
Bag:Cat Bag

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  1. This is so super cute


  2. Super edgy! Loving the oufit, and the frames are so cute!