sabato 9 luglio 2016

Black Beauty

Then.. this is my first official post, i'm so happy about it. it's gonna very be short, i don't want to became bored.
In this post i want so talk about one of my favorite outfit. An easy outfit that is suitable for summer weather. Little shirt and long skirt. The skirt is so special for me, i found it in a flea market of ethnic products, is so comfortable and fresh. the top is short and i like the fact that lets the belly only a little bit exposed.
Obliviously, you can look at the shoes: they come from one of my favorite brands which is not so expensive and this one of the reason why i like it so much.

Top: Tally Weijl
Shoes: Primadonna
Clock: Casio
Bracelet: Pandora

Now there is the best part of the outfit, the make up. One of my greatest passions is putting my make up on, i love spending my time in this way, and trying to find every time a new style, new make up, and new colors for that. This relaxes me a lot.
This make up draws inspiration from a kind of ''smoky eyes'' in my way to do that. i use the palette Naked Smoky from urban decay. I principally used the colors: slanted, dagger, black market, and dirtysweet/radar in the crease. I colored my eyebrows with black market.

2 commenti:

  1. Vanessa attende un mio commento ed io lo scrivo, allora!
    Mi piace come hai impostato il post e trovo che mettere i riferimenti ai negozi in cui si sono acquistati i vari capi dell' outfit vada benissimo.
    L' outfit è semplice, ma ti dona molto (apparte che te staresti bee anche con un sacco della spazzatura).
    Cos' altro aggiungere?
    Sai quanto ti appoggio in questo tuo progetto, quindi non posso fare altro che incitarti a continuare ed a fare sempre meglio :)

  2. Grazie ire! Sei un tesoro, ringrazio di avere persone come te al mio fianco che mi sostengono in una cosa così importante per me <3