lunedì 1 agosto 2016

Original Sinners

Hi Guys!
Finally i'm back after some weeks, i was in Venice and this is the reason why i had to leave my blog for a little bit of time, but i think that those who follow me on Instagram have noticed it! I don't know if i have to write a post about my trip in Venice, let me know if you would like to see it! ^^
Anyway the outfit. Probably is the first ''alternative' outfit that i show to you. The dress is one of my favorite, it is comfortable and you can use it in summer but also in winter with some ''coolant'' and come from one of my favorite store: EMP. If you don't know emp, this is one of the biggest shop on the internet for alternative clothes, but not only alternative clothes.. They have everything such as band merch, cult and games merch, videogames merch some exclusive merch and special brands that i literally love so much such as Gothicana and Rock Rebel That is the brand of my dress. I love EMP because it is one of the few website  that give you the possibility to pay cash when the package arrives. They are fast and their assistance is so Helpful.

Dress:Checked Skater Dress
Shoes: Smooh boot

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  1. Looooooooooove this look. <3