lunedì 22 agosto 2016

By the dividing stream

Hi Cutiessss!
The summer is going to be over, and i hope that, when this season finally comes to the end, i will be more active on my blog i literally love posting there.
The outfit is so casual but at the same time it's kind elegant.

The shirt is a simply crop top with fringe, in these years fringe are so used but for jackets and bags, in fact when i saw the top i literally fell in love with that. In reality when i bought the top it wasn't like this on the back you can see a sort of wing but instead there is only a brooch to keep the top, i prefer this effect because in this way it is more adherent.

The pants are probably the best part of the outfit it was a gift then i don't know where you can buy it. In the label a sort of brand was written but i don't find anything with that name on google.. I think that on the website of Sheinside you can find something similar.

The bag and also the shoes come from Primadonna and i love this kind of shoes, in fact also last year i wore this kind of shoes, every year i bough the same models, are amazing

Shirt: Tally weijl
Shoes: Primadonna shoes
Bag:Primadonna Bags

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