lunedì 29 agosto 2016


Hi cutiess! 
I'm here to tell you about the collaboration with and amazing shop: Ankit. First of all I totally adore the pics that my boyfriend took me for this post, I hope you like them too. In this post I will Be totally honest and my opinion will not be influenced by anything.
Let's start. First of all their team is amazing, they are so kind and sweet, they took care of me and they gave me their complete disposability to answer all my questions! <3 The ship was really fast: I live in Italy, they sent it to me from US, in two weeks I received my package, and inside everything was perfect.
They sent me 4 products:

A mug: the mug is so pretty, on the pics of their website it looks the same as it is in reality, furthermore it was perfect despite the long travel.

A cover: I'm totally in love with this cover. I love all kinds of covers, but I can affirm that this is the best cover ever. First of all the design is perfect, it really looks like marble. And the material is so great, I think it is plastic, but at the same time it’s so resistant and so smooth and since the moment I started to use it I’ve spent all of my time to caress it.

Earbuds with mic: the graphic is simple, only black. The sound is amazing, according to me, music is the most important part of my life, therefore I want to listen to it with something good, and this earbuds are. The sound is so amplified, also my boyfriend tried it and his opinion was the same too (and he is more expert than me ahaha)

Jewelry tray: when I chose it I was so skeptical because I thought that it would be smaller than how it actually is. But when I saw it, I was so surprised, because the dimensions are perfect, in fact as you can see I can put all of my jewelry in it, and this is perfect for messy people like me.

I suggest that everyone should visit their website and buy a lot of cute things!

Mug:Now you may speak MUG
Iphone Case:Marble Case
Earbuds:Black Earbuds
Jewelry Tray: Polka Dot Jewelry

Ankit website:

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