venerdì 26 agosto 2016

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Do you know that moment when you ask someone else to take a picture of you and that person take a photos of you in a way that you don't want? Well, she doesn't.

Then, Hi cutiesss! After this little intro i think that everyone has understood that this post is a little bit different from the others. At the beginning i've told that in this blog i wanted to write everything i want to, also the things about my life, this is a post that i wanted to make since a lot of time.. i want to talk about the most important person in my life, that is a source of inspiration for me. The blonde girl in the picture.

Usually i don't do this kind of things, but i want to show how important she is for me, because a big part of the existence of this blog i owe to her. We knew each other 3 years ago and she saw me grow, she saw me change with her.. She accepted me for who i am, she is the rational part that i miss when i get angry.. And that's why i'm here now, talking about her.

This blog wouldn't probably exist if it wasn't for her. Even if it doesn't seems like that, sometimes i'm so insecure, and i was not so convinced about opening this blog, but she always supported me, she always told me that this hobby, that now is more than a hobby, it is a passion, would have made me feel better.. It could give me a space where i can be myself, and now here we are.
I owe everything to her, and i would do everything for her, she's my light, she's the most precious thing in my life.. i did not chose a random day to write this post, i choose this day because yesterday we were together, our friendship is a little bit complicated, she live so far away from me.. Then yesterday morning i woke up at 3am to take a train at 4am, only to see her some hours, to stay with, to hug her, to spend some time with her.

First time we met,Milan,2 Years ago

A lot of people ask me why this name for the blog, because it is a little bit peculiar, and why this number. The name of the blog come from a famous Eluveitie's song, our song:

"My vianna, My bright light
Vianna, My sacrifice
Vianna, My patroness
Vianna, My immortal"

And the number 357 it's the number of the kilometers dividing us.. Then at the moment for us these kilometers are nothing, a lot of people can't understand our friendship, our relationship, a strong relationship despite the distance. Sometimes people ask me how can i have a strong bond with her in spite of this distance, but i'm more ''connected'' with her than with anyone else, and i would never change our friendship.. I had to fight a lot to have a strong friendship like this with her, at the beginning she was so cold with me, and i had to fight and suffer a lot before she started to open her heart to me.. I remember that at the beginning she never talked about herself.. And now.. She is the most Important conquest for me, in my life, when people ask me what is the thing that makes me more proud about myself, I always tell.. Her.
I don't relly like the words ''best friend'', because that words don' represent what we are.. It is something bigger, something irreplaceable , something that not everyone are so lucky to find in their life.

Love ya babe

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