mercoledì 10 agosto 2016

'Cause you're my Religion

Hi Cutiesss!
In this period i'm not so active, that's because i'm always at the beach and obviously i do not dress like that to go there ahaha
The Outfit: i like it so much because this effect, that is long on the back and short on the front, is amazing. the material is so comfortable and soft. The brand isn't so famous in Italy, but everyone should know it, it's a little bit expensive but it is a good investment. There is a shop in my town (Gregorian) that solds all this kind of clothes of this brand and other amazing brand, on the bottom of the page i will give you the link of the owner, she is so kind and post on her social media pics of the products of her shop. Anyway With the sale of July i've bought 2 other clothes of this brand and i can't wait to show them to you!

The shoes come from doctor Martens and i like them so much, especially for their color, because it's so hard find someone who has my same shoes in same color, because people think that they get dirty very fast but actually it's not true.

The jacket come from EMP (fav store eveer) it is perfect to be used in spring and early autumn, because for the coldest period is it not warm enough.

Brand of the dress: Religion
Gregorian owner: Sarabuba
Shoes: Smooth Boot
Jacket:Studded Jeans Jacket

2 commenti:

  1. Il vestito sembra fatto proprio per te, Vane!
    Ps: la collana <3

  2. This is quite beautiful!